Frequently asked questions

Stealth Detox Performance Water delivers new data almost daily from clients reporting improved performance and a wide range of health issues. The Stealth Edge – Do You Have It?

Stealth was conceived in a back to the future moment by RJ the founder and inventor about 4 years ago. Stealth Technologies are only available here. Unlike a normal water molecule Stealth is shaped in a cluster. In a notarized study, Stealth was proven to be the world’s most powerful antioxidant. This makes Stealth very effective at destroying free radicals in your body. It flushes toxins and acids while at the same time it provides fresh POWER to every cell in your body.

Some people feel the power of Stealth from the first day. We strongly recommend that you start drinking at Clustered ONE for about 3-5 days. Then move up to Clustered TWO when you are going for a hard workout or a competition. Clustered Level THREE is for extreme competitions. Stealth is going to put about 15 times more oxygen in your body so go slowly. Feeling the Power of Stealth … that depends on how toxic you are when you start drinking.

If sports drinks are good for your body, then they should be good for your plants. Try it out but pick the plant you like the least because it’s going to die. Stealth will make any plant stand up and look lively just like it will do to you. Sports drinks are all sugar and acid based. That’s why people crash. Gatorade pays big money to the NFL – we think it’s time for a healthy change. That’s why professional athletes who are in the know drink stealth and nothing else. Join the revolution.

NBW – Nothing But Water. We make water the way nature intended it to be with proven health benefits. We do some very cool things like removing all of the chemicals and shrink the water molecules. This is why Stealth water won’t bloat you. Then we charge it with deep active hydrogen. We like to think it’s like drinking the purest water as it fell from the sky the very first time it rained.

All Stealth Detox Performance Water systems come with a five-year warranty and with a 6 month, guarantee for you to try it out. We guarantee that you will feel the difference by consistently drinking our clean healthy water infused with deep active hydrogen or we buy it back within six months. You must drink stealth and nothing else. See our full warranty-HERE

Stealth Water is very similar to alkaline water which refers to its pH level. The pH level measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. For example, something with a pH of 1 would be very acidic and something with a pH of 13 would be very alkaline. Daily drinking is suggested at 9.5

The company was founded in Mandeville, Louisiana.

Some common chemicals found in tap water are- Chlorine, heavy metals like lead, copper, narcotics, birth control, pollutants, and much more.

Out of state installation process is launched as soon as ordered. When headquarters receives an order for out of state, we package the unit very carefully to avoid any damage, then ship with express shipping. The buyer then will need to hire a plumber or handyman to install the unit. This process takes 20-30 max. The average cost for installation- $100

The difference between kangen and IAW is IAW has higher quality technology, direct to consumer business model, local company, units are made in the USA, not MLM, Newer updated company.

ORP stands for “Oxygen Reduction Pisential” which is another way in saying antioxidant. The chance to reduce oxidative stress off of the body.

Yes, your pets should consume only IAW water. You can use the acidic also to clean them and for rashes or skin problems.

All of our product are made in the USA

Our plastic micron filter is patented technology and the only super filter on the planet that can take 99.9% of plastics, heavy metals, chemicals, toxins and much more out. This is an additional filter for the machines.

Filters cost $149 for the pair

Filters are tested for a family of 4 for a year using it to cook, clean, and drink every day. If less used, they can last longer.

Financing is a very easy process. All they need to fill out is a form online or in person. Once the person decides to finance, the seller would send the info to upper management and they would run them through Aqua finance. The rest we handle for you.

There is a 5-year unconditional warranty on the machine itself and a 30-year warranty on the plates.

The science behind the water ionizer is an alkaline machine that hooks to your water source and splits the water clusters into 2 streams of alkaline water and acidic water. Alkaline is what we drink, acidic is what we use to sanitize and clean. The alkaline water is proven to provide many health benefits due to the PH balance also containing the world’s most powerful antioxidant called active hydrogen.

The difference between bottled alkaline and real alkaline water is. Real alkaline water is considered to be organic so there is shelf life. This means anything that comes bottle can sit on a shelf for many months to years. Also, the true benefits of real alkaline water are present for 24-48 hours because active hydrogen cannot be contained. ANYTHING IN A BOTTLED NEVER WENT THROUGH IONIZATION. It’s just fake.

The stealth unit is our athletic performance unit that offers:

10x more oxygen than other hydration

8x faster hydration

Faster recovery

Better focus

100% satisfaction

Unlimited access

The main difference between the two is the water molecule that they create, Stealth is very dense and powerful due to upgraded power supply and plates.

The reason there are different levels of alkaline is that a person has to acclimate there body to the detox proprieties and the amount of oxygen the body receives.

Cluster 1

Cluster 2

Cluster 3

Yes, we conducted a study in 2015, locked down n and notarized. We studied the ability of the water for detox ability.